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Despite what you may think, the files that have been deleted to the Recycle Bin can be restored and are still in working condition. To do this, you just have to own a data recovery software. Restoration can be your ally in this task.

Key Features

  • Empty Recycle bin: once we have deleted a file, it is automatically moved to the recycle bin that can be restored. However, when it is removed from the bin, it is a little bit hard to recover them. Restoration is going to help you have access to the most damaged files.
  • File protection: besides the data recovery feature, the application also has the ability to restrict access to files that are generally classified top secret. Its handling does not require too complicated knowledge; you just have to browse and select files.
  • No installation required: Restoration requires no installation and can be used from a USB stick. Thus, this operation will not create any temporary file on your system. The application remains completely autonomous.
  • Compatibility: the software is fully compatible with most file systems including FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/NTFS. However, encrypted NTFS files are not supported by the data recovery tool.


  • Restoration is entirely free of charge and lightweight.
  • It allows recovering files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin.


  • Nothing special to report.


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