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GMER is a software which has been designed to protect the computer. It has the ability to detect all the running programs that the user is not aware of.

Key features

Scanning: The software performs a deep analysis of the computer and examines all the files. It is able to identify running processes and highlights the launched activities in a hidden manner. It produces reports and displays them as well.

Security: GMER is an utilitarian able to check if there are some threat or malware features. After that the scanning process, it informs the user with a pop up window for him to decide what to do with them.

Manual operation: Even though the program is able to do the process automatically, it always allows the user to perform some manual operations. He can for instance interrupt ongoing launches to protect other programs from being affected.


GMER is completely downloadable for free.

This is also a tool for cleaning hard disk in order to gain some spaces.

The software is easy to use.


There is nothing special to report on it.

Alternative spelling: u9nbpf0v-2.1.19357.exe, u9nbpf0v.exe
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