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Autotext Typing Assistant

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Autotext Typing Assistant
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English

AutoText Typing Assistant is a software that can quicken typing process on every Windows programs. By Bartels Media GmbH, the process can be performed with a few clicks of the mouse.

Key Features

  • Text abbreviation: to start with, the user can create a set of abbreviations. Once they are typed on the MS Office program, AutoText Typing Assistant automatically writes the words, phrase or even paragraphs that go with it.
  • Shortcuts: thanks to the shortcuts stored to common text fragments, AutoText Typing Assistant users can have email signature and text snippets inserted automatically to texts. The advantage is that it can work on all MS programs.
  • Email programs: AutoText Typing Assistant is working with almost all Internet browsers and email protocols. Among them, we can cite Thunderbird, Outlook, Lotus Notes for emails and Firefox and Opera for Browsers. Note that it can also work with Google Drive, OpenOffice and WordPerfect.


  • AutoText Typing Assistant can be of a great help for those working with MS Office programs.
  • The program is super fast.
  • It supports Unicode and international characters.


  • AutoText Typing Assistant described here is a trial version.
Alternative spelling: AutoTextSetup-2.6.exe, AutoTextSetup.exe
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