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Mihov Mail Sender

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Mihov Mail Sender
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English

Mihov Mail Sender is a tool for sending emails in batch so that contacts cannot detect that the mail has been sent to several people. This means that the receiver's name remain is the only appearing on the coming message.

Key Features

  • Batch sending: this program is relying on the users' normal SMTP email server for sending messages. This sending in mass can be easily performed thanks to a selection from the address book via simple mouse clicks.
  • Message format: the subject has to be filled, of course, and after that the user is asked to select the format of the message. Two options are available when sending it. He can select to send it as TXT or as HTML.
  • Attachments: just as all email sending programs, Mihov Mail Sender enables to add any kind of attachment to the email. It can be a Microsoft file or others. This attached file will be seen by the receiver as addressed to him alone.


  • Mihov Mail Sender enables to import address book from MS Outlook Delay.
  • It is essential when sending personal invitations or business proposals.


  • It can only work on servers that does not require user authentication for sending mails.
  • This is a trial version (available for 30-days only).
Alternative spelling: mailsend_0.8.exe
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