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Scrapbooking is a fascinating hobby especially when having the right tool. The software named Photo Collage Creator facilitates the user's creation of scrapbook while giving originality to the design.

Key features

Creation: By using the program, it is possible to design a scrapbook and obtain professional results. Texts handling and of images as well as the masterpiece is easier.

Templates: Photo Collage Creator offers the user dozens of preset models that will help him in his creation. They allow him to have on hand a minimum of assets to edit and customize the scrapbook.

Tools: This software has various tools enabling the user to perform different actions like the magnifying glass for zooming. Tools for printing, safeguarding and copying are also available. All the related icons can be found on the interface.

Previewing: The user can preview the photos or the templates in a small window integrated in the interface. That will facilitate his choice of the pictures thanks to a reduced preview.


Photo Collage Creator has a simple and intuitive interface.

It is easy to use.


This is a shareware version.
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