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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
JavaAtWork MyFileDownloader is a download manager offering a compendium of features that are detailed below. It is released shareware.

Key Features

  • Download manager: as a real download manager, MyFileDownloader offers options to pause and resume download for another time (the next day for example). It automatically resumes your downloads from a backup server in case the web server is down or busy. An MD5 hash is available to confirm that the entire file is actually downloaded.
  • Integrity check: this feature helps to make sure that the download file has not been changed in transit. For that, MyFileDownloader is using MD5 digest algorithm that enables to create a “fingerprint” checksum of a file.
  • Mirror download URL: it happens that a download cannot be done because the web server is busy or down. If that case comes about MyFileDownloader can resume the download from a backup server.
  • Other features: apart from these features, MyFileDownloader is also featured with a quick redirect to a success page after download. It also supports Proxy, HTTP and SSL (HTTPS) and much more that you will discover when installing it in your system.


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