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YoGen Vocoder

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YoGen Vocoder
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 - English
Changing your voice is now feasible if you have the right tool. Today, YoGen Vocoder is a a software allowing users to change their voices via a computer.

Key Features

  • Change: YoGen Vocoder gives you the ability to insert your voice in the background music of your choice. The process is simple; you just have to insert the background music in the interface and click the “Record” button to start and stop the complete recording.
  • Results: the result is surprising. You can have robot, alien voices, acute or strange voices that you can create from a normal human voice.
  • Formats: YoGen Vocoder is powerful. In fact, it supports MP3, WMA, WAV and AIFF audio file formats. And these file formats are the most common in multimedia world.
  • Interface: this software has a simple and intuitive interface. Indeed, the window has only one tab. Buttons that displays tools are all available and easy to access.
  • Handling: handling all features and tools are done by a simple drag of the mouse. In addition, the setting is a real breeze. Anyone can use it without special competence in computer science.

System requirements

  • Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.


  • YoGen Vocoder is available as a trial version free of charge.
  • It consumes very little memory resources.


  • Audio length is limited with the trial version.


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