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Protoport Personal Firewall

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Protoport Personal Firewall
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Protoport Personal Firewall is offering a protection against intruders and hackers. It prevents them from accessing data on the computer system during and after connection to Internet.

Key Features

Two level protection

Almost all computer network traffics come from NDIS IM and TDI drivers. Protoport Personal Firewall is installed at these levels providing protection when connecting to the Internet. All small packets can be easily scanned and blocked.

Anti-hacker protection

This security tool is packed with algorithms for detecting and blocking hackers that may start to attack the PC system. After detecting them, it is going to block them at any driver level. Via putting remote IP addresses and local port numbers in black list, packets from them will be blocked.


Protoport Personal Firewall is working on all popular protocols including ARP, IPX and OSPF. It is worth to note that this program is extendable meaning that all extensions can be configured.


  • Protoport Personal Firewall is an essential protection program.
  • It is possible to connect to three home networks to the Internet thanks to a single computer.


  • This is a trial version that is limited in time of use.
Alternative spelling: firewall_1.5.exe
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