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Super Silent Manager Home Edition

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Super Silent Manager Home Edition
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 - English

Super Silent Manager Home Edition is a software designed to find out the family members or the employees’ activities without moving from the computer.

Key features:

  • Interface : an easy to use interface that shows the list of tasks that users want to perform such as : using webcam to view, or to have a look on the desktop, or to connect the microphone to listen to the conversations.
  • Saving : the information gathered like photos from the webcam, the voice, and text messages on the computer can be saved and stored in a safe place. The aim is to use as an evidence whenever it is necessary because all the details about the events are recorded there like the date, the time.
  • Discretion : when the software is running, the target will not notice that he or she is under investigation because there is no sign that would betray the spy. That way, the users can be more confident while using this software which can monitor many computers at once.
  • Use : For professional use, the software is useful for employers to know what the employees are doing during working hours. As for parents and family use, it is very a practical tool to detect the activities kids do at home when parents are away or what is the husband or wife doing when the spouse is not home.
  • Installation : an easy to install software that does not require advanced computer skills. Besides, once installed, one mouse click is enough to launch the program.


  • A powerful shareware that can help users to see all the activities of the family members or the employees without being noticed.
Alternative spelling: Silent_Manager_Install_2.22.2.359.exe
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