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Dr Web CureIt

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Dr Web CureIt
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English

Computer systems are frail. If a virus or unwanted threats affect it, its well functioning cannot be guaranteed any longer. A good tool to protect this system is needed and Dr Web Curelt enables to disinfect your computer from viruses and many unwanted codes.

Key Features

  • Detection: everyone knows that the role of an anti-virus is to detect viruses. Dr Web Curelt offers this feature. In fact, this software can inspect every corner of the computer to find viruses and other threats that may damage the computer cause. To do this, you just have to run the scan after running the program.
  • Virus removal: after the detection, Dr Web Curelt will remove all viruses found during the scan. It can delete the following viruses: Mass-mailing worms, mail, Peer-to- Peer and Internet worms, Trojans, Stealth viruses, polymorphic viruses, bodyless viruses, macro viruses, MS Office virus, script viruses, spybots, password stealers, keyloggers, dialers, adware, riskware, Hack tools, backdoors, jokes, malicious scripts and many others.
  • Portability: the great advantage of this software is that you can take it anywhere. Indeed, it is portable and requires no installation, you simply put it in a USB key, memory card or other forms of media.


  • It can be downloaded for free.
  • The intuitive interface makes it easy to handle.


  • The trial version expires after a few days of use.
Alternative spelling: moi86vbf-10.0.exe, moi86vbf.exe
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