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Count Days

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Count Days
Windows XP, Windows 2000, English
Count Days is a tool for counting days between two dates. This tool is easy to use and also offers the ability to count working days as well as the number of week and month.

Key Features

Counting days: this tool is able to calculate how many days there are between two dates. That is very practical since the user just has to enter the dates and the program automatically calculates the number of days between them.

Working days: Count Days also includes a feature that allows identifying the number of working days between two intervals of date. This software can calculate it automatically and display the result on its main interface.

Weeks, months and years counting: this tool also consists of an option to calculate the number of weeks, months and years between two dates. If the interval of date is rather long, these options can be of a great help to users.


Count Days is downloadable free of charge.


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