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Windows 2000, Windows XP, English

Few people know that it is the DTMF that allows landline telephones to make calls. The sound emitted by each telephone key is different but they're all the same on the phones. Each sound corresponds to a number or symbol. The DTMF can be qualified as the set of these sounds. Thus, any device that can emit these DTMF can dial a phone number or at least serve as a control. DTMF Dial was designed to emit a these DTMF from your sound card. It comes in the form of a phone with a full dial. It is able to replace a phone simply by using a microphone and headphones. There are many uses for this software, but still you’ll need some particular knowledge in the matter.


Alternative spelling: SetupDial-, SetupDial.exe

Latest update on January 14, 2011 at 05:42 AM.

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