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Stranger Chat

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Stranger Chat
Windows XP, Windows 2000, English
Stranger Chat is a quite rare instant messaging application. It enables its users to exchange messages anonymously with strangers. Developed by, let’s detail here some of its main features.

Key Features

The people that are talking to are completely strangers to each other. They can exchange instant messages and talk about this and that. Only users can define limits. They can still exchange email address or information about them, or just talk and move to another chatter if the discussion is not enough interesting. Stranger Chat’s interface is plain and easy to use. Once the app installed, the user just have to select if s/he is a guy or a girl, then, to which gender s/he wants to talk to. Discussion can start right after that. The aim of this application remains entertainment however. Stranger Chat’s editor designed it, maybe to decompress and have fun with an unknown one after work. Stranger Chat remains safe for all users. This is safe since nor the user nor the person who is speaking to can view the identity of the each other.


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