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Mac OS X Mac OS 9 - English
Capriccio is a small audio player designed for Mac computers. It allows users to listen to music from several sources such as CDs, hard disks or other external drives.

Key Features


Capriccio's main function is to allow listening to songs using a Mac. It includes all menus that a classic player has (Pause, Play, etc). It is provided with auto-detection of CDs, auto-play, auto-eject and contains options for loop, equalizer, 3D effects and over more.


This program is also able to read all audio files that QuickTime supports. It can display all QuickTime movies and pictures. This option ensures that every file the user wants to open is supported as long as it is compatible with QuickTime.


Its main advantage is that it can play music from different sources. Apart from CD reading, the user can import songs stored in his hard disk to be played on this tool. He can also import music from iTunes library or from an iPod.


  • Capriccio includes an option for disk burning.
  • It supports drag and drop for easier handling.


  • This is a shareware version.

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