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Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English
TaalMala is a simulator of Indian instruments. The user can accompany a track with Tabla, Pakhwaj or Tanpura thanks to the advanced GUI.

Key Features

  • Composing: TaalMala enables to create a music composition thanks to virtual Tabla and Pakhawaj instruments. A new rhythm will emerge from this piece of music that is unique and drawn from Indian inspiration.
  • Adjustment: the user is able to adjust the tempo of created music according to his convenience. It is possible to insert moments of silence, to increase or decrease the decibel emphasis and still other settings.
  • Pre-composed Taals: several pieces are already available in TaalMala's database to quicken the composition. There are more than 187 files including Ganesh Taal, Drut Rupak and others. Anyway, this function is only available for registered ones. This trial only offers 14.
  • Export: after each project, compositions designed with this software can be saved in a folder specified by the user. The output format is WAV. This audio format can be read by almost all multimedia players and especially Smartphone's.


  • TaalMala enables to show all playing beats of Taal.


  • This version can only be used for 14 days.


Alternative spelling: TaalMala_Trial_Setup-4.66.exe, TaalMala_Trial_Setup.exe
Latest update on October 20, 2014 at 09:47 AM.
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very very useful............every music player need it so much thanks..........!
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