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AVmixer Pro

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AVmixer Pro
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
AVmixer Pro is a professional audio and video mixer that supports mixing up to 3 files simultaneously. It provides various effects and advanced features to optimize the output.

Key features

Mixing: this is the function that makes this tool stands out from others. Indeed, AVmixer Pro is able to play 3 video or audio at the same time. Its interface provides all items to easily control the playing and mixing processes.

Effects: apart from these features, AVmixer Pro is also possible to apply specific style to the video or audio. For that, the user can attribute different effects to each song or each clip by importing them one by one.

Touchscreen option: each function is represented by a large button on its interface. That is to say that the user can access to all functionalities from the main program window and apply real time changes.

Advanced settings: AVmixer Pro offers various advanced functions to enhance the rendering. Indeed, the user can control the speed, the contrast and brightness. In addition to that, he is able to record sound using microphone or any MIDI devices connected.


AVmixer Pro allows playing up to 3 video or audio simultaneously.
It supports all kind of MIDI controllers like keyboard or microphone.


It requires some additional third-party drivers for PC user.

This is a shareware version.


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