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Being able to learn guitar without anyone else's help can enhance is a proof of self determination. AxMaster has been developed enable the user to do so. Here are its features.

Key features

Lesson: The software is integrated with an HTML- based lesson allowing the user to learn easily. There are four lesson categories which are for beginners, intermediate, advanced and miscellaneous. These categories make it available for everyone willing to learn guitar.

Creation and edition: AxMaster also offers the user the possibility to create notes. Everything that he is creating appears on the interface in form of a diagram. It is also possible to edit the notes he created if there are some errors.

Customization: By using this utilitarian, the user can also define the fretboard appearance according to his preferences. He can for instance change its background as well as the overlay. The software also offers different fretboard types that he can choose from.


AxMaster offers everyday tips available in the tip of the day option.

It recognizes MIDI files.


This is a shareware version.


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