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Color Detector

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Color Detector
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English
Color Detector is a program which has been designed to identify colors when the user places the cursor on them. Some of its features are detailed in the following lines.

Key features

Analysis: The functioning of the program is not complicated. Once it has been installed, the user has just to place the cursor on the desired color and the software will analyze it and display the color afterwards.
Information display: Color Detector has the ability to display and show the user all the necessary information to illustrate a precise color. He will then have the possibility to easily read the contents as well the HTML code. Exporting: This software also enables the user to export the information. He has the possibility to copy it on a clipboard for external use. It supports keyboard shortcut and touching F7 is enough for the transfer.


This is a freeware version of Color Detector. The software is light and it will not slow down the computer. It can be used by everyone for it is easy to handle.


There is nothing special to report on it.
Alternative spelling: colordetector-2.0.exe, colordetector.exe
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