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Inspiration and improvisation are not always enough to create musical chords. A good tool is necessary and that is why Flextron Bt has created the software ChordPulse to help composers.

Key features

Improvisation: The software can be used to test the imagination of the user when he is trying to create different music styles which go up to 132. It helps him to improve the chords by directly testing them from this tool.

Practical: Even music amateur can also use ChordPulse. They just have to choose a simple chord, determine the style of the music and then begin to play. It is also possible to change this style on the fly.

Customization: There are also some options in this program that can be modified according to the user's preferences. He can for instance change the tempo or the key that he wants to use.

Export: ChordPulse also offers the user the possibility to export his accompaniment as MIDI standard. This is not complicated for he can directly have access to the sharing option from the interface.


ChordPulse is appropriate for everyone even children with its creative backing tracks.

It is easy to use.


This is a trial version.


Alternative spelling: chordpulse_2p3_setup.exe

Latest update on August 21, 2015 at 10:15 AM.

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