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2.0 (latest version)
Windows 2000, Windows XP, English
Handling large files is very hard to do especially when the users do not have the appropriate tool for that. HexEditor is a software that will make your data management faster and easier.

Key features:

  • Practical : the software is very helpful while talking about data searching. It is very efficient no matter the file size and the search is done in a very short time.
  • Multifunction : HexEditor allows its users make necessary changes, do some analysis or even data exchanges on the computer. In addition to that, adding or deleting information, editing are possible while using this software.
  • Easy : the software displays a colorful computer screen that makes any action much easier. That way, users can find out exactly what are their needs while viewing the screen.
  • Simple : the software can be used by everybody. No required computer skills are necessary for its installation and use. Some may choose the program for professional purpose while other for personal one.
  • Other options : the users can work easily with these different files : EXE, DLL, DAT, AVI, MP3, JPG by doing repetitive tasks as often as possible. HexEditor does upgrade automatically.


  • A freeware version that will make file management easier, faster and does not cost anything to its users.


Alternative spelling: free-hex-editor-neo.exe

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