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A well-designed title is a way of attracting the public or readers attention. BluffTitler DX9 is a software that helps the user to create 3D and HD titles with its various features.

Key features

Show: This program gives the possibility to create a show. It simply defines the animation that the user sets for the text or picture. Two key frames are at least required and he has to define the time of animation and put the effects.

Templates: BluffTitler DX9 enables to save the previous show effects.He has to make it suitable for any new text If he wants to re-use it, so that he will not have to remake the operation. If not, he still can create new templates.

Layers: This utilitarian offers different layers for creating different effects. The camera layer for instance enables to create a view for the show like blur, swirl, fog or halftones; the picture layer is used for rendering pictures and so on.


The software is available in different languages.

Several short keys are available to make the creation easier and quicker.

Titles can be saved as AVI video format.


This is a shareware version of BluffTitler DX9.


Alternative spelling: BluffTitlerSetup-, BluffTitlerSetup.exe
Latest update on June 29, 2015 at 07:29 AM.
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