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Anonymity 4 Proxy

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Anonymity 4 Proxy
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

What could be better than surfing on the internet with no restriction to the websites? Anonymity 4 Proxy is a program which allows the user to connect anonymously on the internet with its several features.

Key features

Unknown: This utilitarian helps the user to protect his identity by giving the possibilities to hide the country where he comes from and even his IP address. For this last, he can fake the IP address and confuse the website log analysis.

Sharing anonymity: Anonymity 4 Proxy also enables the user to share the connection over a LAN. Each participant will use the same program, but can always be anonymous when surfing on the internet and seeing whatever websites they want to visit.

Proxy server status: The user can set a list of anonymous proxy servers of his choice. He can also check which one of them have anonymity requirements or a good performance depending on where he is and which pages he wants to visit.


The program exists in many languages.

Its interface makes it easy to understand and control.


This is an evaluation version of Anonymity 4 Proxy.

Alternative spelling: a4proxy_2.8.exe
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