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Internet Security Controller

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Internet Security Controller
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 - English

Internet Security Controller is a software that helps parents and employers to keep track of the time spent on the computer for social networks and other websites.

  • Time restriction : the software allows the users to set time slots for having access to the computer, visiting websites. Based on that, a limitation for some activities on the computer can be established in order to control access to social networks.
  • Customization : Parents and employers can set a definite time for blocking the access to the computer either it is for everyday or for a particular time only. In addition to that, password is necessary to prevent any deactivation of the software.
  • Parental use : to protect kids from dangerous social networks that may harm kids while they are on the computer, Internet Security Controller blocks the kids’ access to social networking sites.
  • Professional use : to get better productivity , employers can establish a schedule in order to avoid wasting much time on other distracting things but not work.

Pros :

  • A freeware that is efficient for parental and professional use.
  • Installation : the software does not slow down the computer or the internet connexion
Alternative spelling: isc_1.0.exe
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