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Since its realization in 1977 by George Lucas, the movie Star Wars has gathered millions of followers. The software LSMaker is dedicated to them for it allows creating lightsaber effects.

Key features

Rigging: The main feature of the software is to rig the user's videos by inserting lightsaber effects in the fighting scenes. This task is quite simple and the user has to create his own video combats.

Edition: The fight scenes must be done with sticks or swords. By using LSMaker the user has to define the ends of the swords and their colors, then specify the movement effects and finally customize the contrast and brightness.

Supported format: This program offers the user the possibility to save and load from AVI, BMP, JPG, and AVS files. These options are available on the frame manager tool which can be seen on the interface. The user will not miss it.


LSMaker is a software that is completely downloadable for free.

The software has a simple and intuitive interface which makes its manipulation easy to handle.


There is nothing special to report on it.


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I greatly appreciated this program. However, with multiple light-sabers, my computer would often lag when creating videos.
Its really good

this is awesome
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