Game XP

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Game XP
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

Game XP is a utility that enables to optimize the performance of the different Windows Operating Systems. It is mainly essential to optimize game experience.

Key Features

System information: Game XP, after being launched on the system, can immediately display details about the whole hardware and software of the latter. The user can obtain the processor type and power, RAM and other.

Analysis: during this kind of scan, the program goes deep in partitions and drives on the system. If Game XP can be matched with the computer, the user will be guided to press the "Go To Warp Speed" button.

3D card performance: apart from increasing the performance of the system, Game XP is also working an important role on the 3D card. Thanks to this, gaming experience can be highly upgraded.

Wizard-like interface: once the analysis over, the user can effortlessly follow all steps thanks to the intuitive interface. Indeed, Game XP is presented like a guide so that all users, beginner or expert can easily handle it. Note that no computer skills are necessary.


Game XP does not need DLL or another file to be executed on the computer.


There is nothing special to report.

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