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Currently, photo editing software is now easy to handle. PhoXo is a simple but powerful photo editor. It is offering comprehensive tools to work with images and digital photos.

Key Features

  • Editing tools: as a photo editor, PhoXo is using basic editing tools such as selecting, moving, cutting, copying, pasting, undo and redo functions; all that using paint brush, pen, text, color picker, eraser, clone and fill color.
  • Customization: users are allowed to customize their work. Indeed, they can adjust the contrast levels and the brightness, apply filters (soft portrait, black and white, etc.) and zoom in and out. They can also flip and rotate pictures, remove red eyes, add shadows and effects (blur, distort, blinds, and more).
  • Effects and frames: the application offers multiple frames and clipart as well as more than 50 special effects such as oil painting, mosaic, pencil sketch, soft edge, emboss, shadow text, gradient text, glass text, scanline text, blur text, water ripple text. Previewing is possible and if you do not like the added effects, just press on Ctrl+Z to remove the action!


  • PhoXo is an easy to use software with simple drag and drop mouse.
  • It is a multi-lingual freeware gathering 11 languages.
  • It takes a low amount of system resources.
  • Useful for creating tutorials and can compete with tools like Photoshop, Gimp, Fireworks, etc.


  • No documentation is included.


Alternative spelling: phoxo7.1.exe

Latest update on November 9, 2012 at 02:56 AM.

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