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Call center

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3.9.3 (latest version)
Call center
Windows 2000 Windows XP - English

Communication is important in every day life. Call Center is a software that will help you for that purpose.

Key features

-Easy : a 32 Bit application that can be used as an answering machine while the user is away and cannot take the phone calls. Also, the software can record all the phone numbers that the users dialled or received in order to save time for call returning.

-Fast : Call Center gives its users the possibility to send and receive faxes and that will quicken all communication as there is no time wasted for reply. One click is enough to do this sending fax for you.

-Personalization : users can limit access to the software by using password. That way, intruders cannot have access to your messages or documents, and privacy is fully guaranteed. The voice over on the answering machine can be modified whenever necessary.

System requirements

- The software works well with Win 95, Win 98, Me, Windows 2000, XP.

- Memory : 5MB

- MTC modem is necessary to make the software work properly.


- A free software that saves your time because it makes communication easier and quicker either for data transferring, faxing or for basic phone communication like voicemail.


- The software is not compatible neither with cable nor ISDN.


Alternative spelling: FREECallCenter.exe
Latest update on September 6, 2012 at 01:05 AM.
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I am using Callhippo last 2 Years. very nice Product. works very well with my VoIP based office phone system. Everyone should use Virtual Phone Number
super software
very nice program,
nice software
i download it,it is very nice
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