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FULL-DISKfighter scans the entire system in order to detect unnecessary files and then, increase the computer's performance. It is a product by SPAMfighter.

Key Features

Scan: once installed on the system, FULL-DISKfighter can be launched to perform a complete and thorough scan of the latter. Any type of files stored on the hard drive will be reported, whether they are useful or not, depending on the user.

Duplicate finder: during the search, FULL-DISKfighter can automatically detect two files that are identical in terms of size, extension or other attributes. It is going to give users the choice between deleting them and keeping them on the PC.

Cleaner: all junk files, software downloads as well as memory dumps and old Windows update files can be directly removed. The aim for this purpose is to optimize the disk performance and of course, to have more space on the hard drives.


FULL-DISKfighter can scan large files of more than 50 MB.

Its use does not slow down the computer system.


This trial version can only remove up to 25 junk files.


Alternative spelling: Full-DISKfighter_Web-1.4.91.exe, Full-DISKfighter_Web.exe
Latest update on March 26, 2018 at 09:24 AM.
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