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Open Teacher

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3.2 (latest version)
Open Teacher
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
Open Teacher is a program that helps students to improve their skills in several subjects at school. This simple to use program is developed and published by Milanboers.

Key Features

Importing: Open Teacher can be used by every students. So as to let it help them, users will have to enter questions in its database as well as the answers. There are also some websites that offers questions and answers, the user will just have to enter them in.

Formats: concerning formats to enter to Open Teacher's database, they are various. In all, this program can support no less than 29 file formats to read support. Apart from that, to write support, this tool supports over 14 file formats.

Typing tutor: Open Teacher integrated this feature to it so as to let student better master typing on the keyboard. Utterly customizable, it can be adapted to the student's skills. Corrections are displayed on the main interface.

Display: for each subject, the student can challenge himself by clicking on "Teach me!" button. After typing for the answer, Open Teacher lets him check the right answer and correct himself. At the bottom of the interface, the total questions, the right answers as well as the Note can be found.


Open Teacher can work on several operating systems including Linux and Mac OSX.

It can be downloaded for free.

Data can be viewed in several languages including English, French and Japanese.


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