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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
Mendeley is a software designed to file and organize documents in a very smart way.

Key features

Users can perform search for citations that may interest them or even create their own citations. Also, the software can annotate and highlight those citations once they are located. Besides, it is easier to find documents because the software can search by title, author and publisher. An easy and simple to install software because it does not take much time while downloading. Documents are accessible to the users wherever they are due to the software online system. These documents were already sorted and scanned while entering in the software and that will make the search more easily. Users can create their own citations, bibliographies and can share them to other persons that are members in the created group. Each member can make some modification of the bibliographical references if necessary.

As up to 50 persons can have access to the documents in the software, it becomes easier to discuss and give point of view on particular documents. Also, everybody will be aware of any modification made on the documents at a real time. This software allows the users to increase collaborator numbers due to the network system that gives access to build new profile that can be seen by many people.


A powerful freeware to make documents handling stress free.


Alternative spelling: Mendeley-Desktop-1.16.1-win32.exe

Latest update on June 7, 2016 at 05:13 AM.

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