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From the invention of the computer until now, several scientific disciplines have been computerized using powerful software. Fityk is a program conceived for data processing and nonlinear curve fitting.

Key Features

Fityk is designed to analyze curves and data. This software is endowed with several features that make it an advanced analysis tool. It can be used in crystallography, chromatography, photo-luminescence and photoelectron spectroscopy. Nevertheless, it is also possible to perform simple calculations with this program. Fityk users just have to start importing data to be processed and it will do the rest. The software supports, among others, TXT (ascii code) files DBWS, ICC, UXD, philips_udf and others file types. Since Fityk is mainly dedicated to the study of diffraction. It has several features specifically designed for this purpose. These include Lorentzian functions, Pearson VII, Voigt, Gaussian, etc. Built-in functions are obtained using i-types. Meanwhile, it is also possible to set user-defined functions (UDF) via Command Define.


  • This program is downloadable free of charge.
  • Information about formula, functions, types and others can be displayed on the interface.
Alternative spelling: fityk-0.9.8-setup.exe
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