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Remote Execute

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Remote Execute
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English

Remotely administer another PC connected to a network is possible using the Remote Executesoftware. It has an uncluttered interface, which facilitates actions to perform.

Main features

Connection: can perform any operation on a remote computer, to connect to the latter. To do this, it launches the program, and we enter the IP address of the machine concerned before setting the appropriate port.

Control: several predefined actions are available via the menu drop-down software. It is possible to start or shut down your computer. Remote Execute controls the launch of any program as well as its closure. You can also open any folder on the PC.

Display: this software is able to scan the remote machine to retrieve infor-mation about the system or hard disk drives, including their properties. It displays on the interface. It list also all processes open on this computer.


This program is light and does not consume a lot of memory.

It is downloadable for free.

The interface is in french.


Nothing special to report.

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