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Personal Video Database

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Personal Video Database
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English

Also known as PVD, Personal Video Database can be of a great help to manage movie collections. Several functions are made available at users' disposal to complete that.

Key Features

Import option

The entire movie collection or just some video files can be added to the database after its installation on the OS. For that, a simple drag and drop of the mouse is enough. This process can be configured to run automatically.

Personal page for each movie

If the collection is not containing information about a movie, the user is given the freedom to add it manually. The category to which the video is belonging, the original title and even actors playing there can be inserted to it.

Filtering modes

Personal Video Database can automatically manage all movies inserted to this database thanks to these details. In filter menu, the user can select among Viewed, Owned, Loaned, Media existing, Bookmarked or Movie (all records)

Export the database

The whole database or just some pages contained in it can be saved to other formats. For that, Personal Video Database can work with CSV, HTML table, XML files or simple plain list.


  • Personal Video Database is a full-featured program.
  • The user-friendly and sleek interface is facilitating its handling.


  • Nothing to report.
Alternative spelling: pvd_setup-, pvd_setup.exe
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