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How many times does our doctor advise us to take a rest and do some physical exercises while working in front of a computer? These counsels are beneficial for our health but we barely could put them into practice. Off4Fit is a solution.

Key Features

  • Schedule: once the application downloaded and installed, you are then allowed to set a scheduled time to start the break and do the exercises. Then, when the time arrives for you to have some breaks, a video will appear on your screen and you will be asked to follow given instructions.
  • Notification: before each break that you have already scheduled, a notification will appear on your screen to let you know that the exercise will start. The message will be displayed on your desktop to remind you of the break.
  • Physical exercises: it is worth to note that these physical exercises are not simple to practice. In fact, Off4Fit lets you do some exercises such as voluntary movement of the eye (left, right, up and down), upper and lower body workouts. In all activities, the beautiful virtual girl of the application always gives precious advices for a complete workout (breathing).
  • Enhancement: this new version brings some changes and enhancements. For instance, some improvements have been added to the video performance; it is better in terms of image quality and moves.


  • Off4Fit runs in background until it is time for a break.
  • The application is multilingual.


  • Exercises are practically the same.
Alternative spelling: off4fitsetup-2.1.exe, off4fitsetup.exe
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