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Windows XP, Windows 2000, English
Chemistry is a subject that needs accuracy. Its study cannot be done without a performing tool. That is why RasMol has been developed. This program is intended to students and teacher-researcher's use. In fact, it is powerful and quite easy to use.

Key features

RasMol is a 3D graphic visualization program for molecules such as nucleic acids, proteins and small molecules. It is meant to display molecular structures and allows observing it in minute details. In fact, it includes interesting visualization features that enable users to zoom in and to rotate the representation. It is able to display molecular structures in different color schemes and representation. Simultaneously, a molecule can be composed of parts with different colors each and can be represented in a different way namely as cylinder 'Dreiding' stick bonds, alpha-carbon trace, , space-filling (CPK) spheres, macromolecular ribbons, wireframe bonds, hydrogen bonding and dot surface representations. Rasmol is able to load most of graphic molecule representation including Minnesota Supercomputer Center's (MSC), Tripos Associates' Alchemy and Sybyl Mol2 formats, Molecular Design Limited's (MDL) Mol file format, Protein Data Bank (PDB), XYZ (XMol) format, CHARMm format, CIF format and mmCIF format files. And the program is able to display and to combinate several files into one even though they do not have the same format. Finally, users are allowed to export images in a variety of formats either graphic formats or vector PostScript such as GIF, PPM, BMP, PICT, Sun rasterfiles , Molscript imput script, Kinemage and so on.


This software is free. Help menu is automatically shown.


Alternative spelling: rw32b2a-2.6.exe, rw32b2a.exe

Latest update on February 4, 2015 at 12:17 PM.

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