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Desktop 3D

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Desktop 3D
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English
Desktop3D is program that proposes many options to replace the regular icons of the desktop. For that, it contains more than 100 icons in its library.

Key features

Changing: Desktop3D's main purpose is to propose an alternative for the original desktop's icons. For that, it proposes more than 100 icons that represent all standard applications and folders including Desktop, Trash bin, notepad and over more.

Editing: another particularity of this software is that it also allows resizing the icon image to fit to the user's needs. For that, he only has to open the icon file with this program and start cropping the image.

3D rendering: this is surely the function that makes this tool stands out from others. Indeed, Desktop3D proposes 3D rendering for the new icons. This option facilitates the handling of programs when the user wants to organize them on the screen.

Managing: apart from these feature, the program proposes also to change the display time of the background picture. Thanks to that, wallpapers will be displayed one by one in a predefined time interval on the screen.


Desktop3D offers a new look to the computer's desktop by changing the skin of the icons


This is a trial version valid for 10 days of use.


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