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1.1.1 (latest version)
Easy Office
Windows 2000, Windows XP, English
Easy Office is an office suite very easy to use on your computer with various applications. This is a multilingual office suite (English and German only) possessing very purified graphic interface.

Key features

- Multi tasks : For Word processing : Easy office has some basic functions of the word processing like mailing, text formatting, frames, and tables. For Database : it can store and do information research for you if necessary. For Spreadsheet : it includes more than 100 formulas that are useful for different calculations.

- Informative : Easy office can send and receive e-mails. Also, it can operate with network system concerning internet connection. By using this, there is no time wasted while waiting for urgent reply.

- Helpful: the software gives you a tip of the day for better use of your computer. A bilingual software : Easy Office is a bilingual English and German software with a graphic interface, charts for statistical analisys, sheets, cells formatting.

- Practical : Easy Office can stand many users if necessary. Consequently, everybody can work at the same time and there is no use to establish a sign up sheet in advance.

System requirements
-It works well with Win 95, Win 98, Millenium, Windows 2000, XP
-Memory 5MB
-The system can be improved with ActiveX if necessary.

-A free version software that will save your time as many things can be done while using it.
-The software will give you assistance in case you have problems during its use.


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