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Digital Camera Enhancer

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1.3 (latest version)
Digital Camera Enhancer
Windows 2000 Windows XP - English
Digital Camera Enhancer is a software designed to make pictures taken in bad luminosity conditions and having natural light.

Key features:

  • Comparison : the software shows 2 windows which allow the users make clear comparison of the 2 pictures. That way, users decide if some improvement and balance are still necessary after making retouching or it is already enough.
  • Interface : an easy to use interface that helps users see the exact tasks to perform with the computer. Users will not encounter problems while using this software as it does not require advanced computer knowledge.
  • Customization : apart from light enhancement, there are possible adjustments that the software provides to the users such as color, size, and other details that make photos look much better. Also, the tools are seen on one Windows which makes all modifications faster and easier.
  • Photo modifications : there are 3 possible modifications available on the software : landscape, mid details and close ups. The 3 of them are not mandatory to be used each time there is a photo retouching but anyway, very helpful from time to time.
  • Other options: the software is safe and does not contain any malicious threats that may damage the computer while downloading. About the installation : the software does not require much space in the hard disk and will not slow down the computer at no time.


  • A freeware that makes picture taking fun even with unsatisfactory light conditions.


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Main Points It allows you to have a very good images if you have bad light condition.
Weak Infos For advanced users.
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