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Intended to those who need to create video-tutorials and video chat sessions, SMRecorder is an interesting tool for capturing video and audio on your screen.

Key Features

SMRecorder can capture and record everything happening on the screen. It may be a video or audio, a webcam or other, the application can catch them all. The user will be free to select the area of the screen he/she wants to capture and following a definite period. After the capture and record, users can also add notes. It helps to add explanation on what is happening on the video. SMRecorder lets users set bit rate, sample rate, channel, and the option to capture the cursor or not. One of its best features is the fact that it can also synchronize recorded audio and video files. This is needed when users want further explanation about the video or audio in question. The user may want to convert recorded files such as .avi or .wmv into other formats. There is no problem; this can be done via SMConverter which is of the same editor.


  • Great to create audio/video tutorials.
  • It has a simple and intuitive interface designed for both novices and professionals.
Alternative spelling: smrecorder_installer-1.3.9.exe, smrecorder_installer.exe
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