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Power Chakra

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Power Chakra
Windows 2000 Windows XP - English

Power Chakra is a software designed for users who want to know more about their body.

Key features:

  • Informative : it is possible to know the body strength in order to succeed in life either in personal or professional field. Weaknesses also can be discovered as well and they are useful to getting to know better the body by making effort to hide them if possible.
  • Analysis : while using this software : given information can be necessary to understand the reasons of the different body status changes, the swing mood. Consequently, users can find themselves the appropriate solutions with the software for their own problems.
  • Interface : easy to use interface that makes users see clearly the tasks to perform while using the software. On the computer screen, users can choose the subject that might interest them in order to get the necessary information concerning their body.
  • Approach : the software asks questions to the users. Based on these answers, the software gives the users’ status either about the body or the mind, the advice that would be good for the users. So, to be on the safe side, users have the interest to tell the truth while answering the questions in order not to falsify the data.
  • Use : users can discover the different energy sources of their body and can exploit them the most in order to get better result in their life.


  • A powerful shareware that makes users discover the human body mystery and its power.
Alternative spelling: PowerChakra_1.0.exe
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