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Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Designed by Conversive, Inc, you are invited to experience the future. Verbot, with a virtual interactive agent, you can communicate with others with the face and voice of your dreams.

Key Features

  • Personalization: each one is different physically, but with this interactive application, you can shape your image by selecting other’s facial features on other Websites. Thus, you can create your character while referring to others.
  • Natural language: as you like it, your avatar or your friend will be called virtual Verbot, and may take a very specific accent. Verbot allows you to set the tone of the virtual Verbot voice and language.
  • Interaction: your virtual personality is designed to communicate with others or with yourself. The program is in itself an unusual distraction that can also be a work tool.
  • Interactive Help: the program can also help you in your daily tasks. With a virtual friend created by yourself, will feel able to overcome the toughest jobs.
  • Give your friend a look: the software does not only give voice to a program, it can also create physical forms. You can choose to give him/her glasses to wear, change the hair, and much more.


  • Verbot is entirely free.
  • This reflects the future and with which you can have fun.


  • Graphics should have been optimized.


Alternative spelling: AB-Euro_5.0.0.0 .exe

Latest update on November 16, 2012 at 12:14 AM.

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