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Forgetting a password can root a lot of inconvenience. NetPassword is a a software that allows you to see all the available connections on the system and passwords to.

Key Features

  • Effectiveness: if the user has forgotten hi/her password, the user has no reason to be afraid. Indeed, NetPassword allows users to see basic information about one session to know the name of the connection, the user name and password for each user and of a certain web pages.
  • Use: NetPassword is an easy to use software. In fact, you just have to click the search button, and the software will be displaying all the results.
  • Other: NetPassword can view the properties of a connection as the type, address, and more. Finally, it can copy the entire list to a clipboard.
  • Interface: the interface of NetPassword is simple, making it easy to handle. For example, the window is divided into two parts. Research option is placed on the top, and “results” on the bottom.


  • The software can be downloaded for free.
  • It provides an advanced search for passwords for some web pages.


  • The software only is in English.
  • 30 days of trial.


Alternative spelling: netpassword-1.3.exe, netpassword.exe
Latest update on November 2, 2012 at 12:55 AM.
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