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WAV2MP3 Encoder

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WAV2MP3 Encoder
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English
The WAV2MP3 Encoder is a powerful audio software conversion. It can support a wide range of popular formats such as WAV, MP3 and many others.

Key features

Import: this software gives the user the ability to add files he wants to the program waiting list. It is packed with of a drag-and-drop option and an integrated browser to facilitate the research of files.

Conversion: The WAV2MP3 Encoder`s main function is to convert audio from a format to another with a surprising processing speed. However, it does not slow down the computer's performance during the process.

Edition: the advantage with this software is that it gives the user the possibility to change the ID3 tags of the file. For instance, he can edit the artist's and the album's name, the genre as well as the destination folder.


The WAV2MP3 Encoder can be used and downloaded for free.
The simplicity and ergonomy of its interface facilitate the operations.
An additional option allows the user to add comments if required.


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