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Access Manager for Windows is an application that enables to restrict the access to the computer, to Internet or an area of the PC.

Key Features

  • Restriction type: for this function, users are free to choose among two types of restriction. Indeed, Access Manager for Windows can limit the access to the computer (startup) or only the right of entry to a given area (network, Internet, Outlook Express, Media Player, etc).
  • Password-protected: the access to Access Manager for Windows settings are locked by password. This means that no one will have access to them without entering the right code. It is also possible to lock the computer or only an area and assign a password to unlock it.
  • Hide: several options and applications on Windows can easily be hidden with Access Manager for Windows. Among them, let's cite Internet Explorer icon, the General and Details Printer Pages as well as many others.


  • It can disable Single Mode MS-DOS applications.
  • The interface makes it easy to handle.


  • This shareware version can only be available for 30 days of use.

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