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Quite Universal Circuit Simulator

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0.0.18 (latest version)
Quite Universal Circuit Simulator
Windows XP, Windows 2000, English
Quite Universal Circuit Simulator or QUCS is a simulator for electronics circuit that is fully configurable and released under GPL. It allows its user to create a small or large signal circuit to test.

Key Features

Emulate circuit: Quite Universal Circuit Simulator offers the user helpful tools to launch the simulation. For example, he can use mathematical equations and predefined sub-circuits during the process. He can also import predesigned configurable templates if necessary.

Tools: a whole range of elements and electronic components such as diodes, transistors and MOSFET are proposed on the interface. Different types of diagrams are supported by the program including those for DC and AC systems.

Testing: it is possible to test all circuit diagrams created with Qucs. The program automatically alerts the user if it detects potential failures. Then, it indicates the points that require tweaks.

Templates; the user can choose among several pre-established templates, available in Quite Universal Circuit Simulator's database. He can select the one that is the most similar to what he intends to create. He can then edit it and save it.


Quite Universal Circuit Simulator is downloadable for free.


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Alternative spelling: qucs-0.0.18-win32.exe

Latest update on December 25, 2014 at 11:33 PM.

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