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Windows Vista Windows 7 - English
TCI (Tracé de Circuit Imprimé) is a software offering the user the possibility to create electronic circuit and print it on paper. Some of its features are detailed in these lines.

Key features

This is the main feature of the software. It enables the user to create virtual electronic circuit. It offers him all the necessary tools that can be used for that such as the electronic symbols, the different components and so on. By using TCI, it is possible to adjust the different parameters in order to create the schemas. The user then can modify the path size, the slot and chip placement, choose the tracing he wants on the diagram, etc. This program has a large library which contains the different electronic components. It includes all major components such as simple diode, fuses, resistor and so many else. The user has just to pick and use what he needs.


TCI is completely downloadable for free. It can be inserted in a removable device such as USB key and schemas can be edited on the fly. No installation is required.


The software's interface is in French. It requires a minimum knowledge of electronic.


Alternative spelling: tci4-4.exe
Latest update on September 23, 2016 at 12:21 PM.
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