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Totally Free Burner

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Totally Free Burner
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As its name suggests, Totally Free Burner is a freeware for burning CDs and DVDs. It is compatible with almost all drives including IDE, SCSI, SATA and 1394.

Key Features

Audio CDs: it is able to create audio CDs or DVDs. It can deal with various audio formats such as MP3, Wav, WMA, or OGG. The user only has to add the files to the interface and launch the process.

Burning video disks: Totally Free Burner also contains a feature for burning videos. It offers the ability to create VCDs with MPEG1 files. It also allows creating DVD movies using video files stored in the computer's hard disks or in another device.

Data: with Totally Free Burner, it is possible to burn data on disks either on CDs or DVDs. The user can create bootable data disks or simply transfer documents to a DVD in order to obtain a backup.

BIN and ISO images: among the multiple advantages that this software offers, it also allows burning directly BIN or ISO images. Indeed, this utility supports the on-the-fly burning of all image types.


Totally Free Burner is entirely free.

It offers a simple an intuitive interface.


Nothing special to report.

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