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Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

PageSucker is a website copier which enables the user to download the web pages contents. This is useful for those who want to view their documents even off line.

Key features

Filter: The program has several URL filters which allow the user to choose the file or the file type he wants to download. It also has strong filename pattern matching which supports Perl like regular expressions.

Multithread: PageSucker offers multithread download possibility. This enables the user to open more than one connection to a server. This function allows him to manage the file transfer protocol and makes multiple downloads at a time.

Abbreviation: Naming a file is sometimes restricted for some server's file system. This utilitarian is equipped with a function which can manage this restriction by abbreviating the file's name and removing some illegal characters in the local file system.


The software is adapted to deal with any situation of any websites.

It is able to correct broken HTML pages which enables the downloaded copy to work best than the original one.


This is a shareware version of PageSucker.

Alternative spelling: PageSuckerWin3.2Setup.exe
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