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7.5 (latest version)
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English
Webnotes is a file management utility developed by Pascal Coudert. It enables the user to categorize and store the data according to their nature.

Key Features

Storage: Webnotes can record all types of data, documents or Web pages. It is integrated with a database offering a large storage capacity. The data will be listed without moving files from their location.

Organization: the program's database offers a number of fields to be completed to distinguish the nature of each record. This option allows this program to automatically categorize files of the same size or type.

Search: Webnotes is endowed with an exploration option in its functions. It allows the user to quickly find a file or information with a single click. The search can be launched via typing for a keyword on the appropriate box.


Webnotes is practical.

It offers an intuitive interface making it easy to grip.

Apart from documents and files, it can also organize mail.


Webnotes is free as a shareware version.

It is not available in other language than French.


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