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O & O Defrag is a powerful tool designed for defragmenting hard drives. It allows to improve optimal power and speed of the computer.

Main features

Defragment: once started, O & O Defrag reorganizes gradually and logically the data on each hard drive by bringing together the fragments of a file. At the end of the treatment, the system quickly recognizes documents, thereby directly increasing the speed of the PC.

Clean: this program includes a new option to overwrite hard drives open spaces. This function is convenient for permanently delete temporary files and previously deleted data. To do this, simply start the following defragmentation.

Schedule: with O & O Defrag, the user has the possibility to schedule regular and automated defragmentation. These last will be implemented systematically in the background without interfering with the functioning and performance of the PC. This module supports multiple drives and storage media.


This software is available in several languages.


It is available in demo version only valid for 30 days.


Alternative spelling: OODefrag17ProfessionalEnu-17.5.559.exe, OODefrag17ProfessionalEnu.exe

Latest update on June 16, 2015 at 12:43 AM.

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